Everything you need to know about Fright Fest 2021 at Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Six Flags Magic Mountain volition erstwhile again unleash legions of demons, ghouls and crazed lunatics for Fright Fest 2021 arsenic the Halloween haunted lawsuit returns to the Valencia amusement parkland aft pandemic hiatus successful 2020.

The 28th play of Fright Fest astatine Magic Mountain volition diagnostic six haunted mazes, 8 scare zones and 3 unrecorded shows connected 24 prime nights from Sept. 11 done Oct. 31.

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This year’s Fright Fest volition see 2 caller scare zones and 2 caller shows.

Magic Mountain was forced to cancel Fright Fest 2020 owed to the extended coronavirus closure of the park. Six Flags amusement parks successful Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas, Missouri, Maryland and New Jersey offered Hallowfest arsenic a replacement successful 2020 for Fright Fest, though Magic Mountain did not and remained shuttered during the Halloween season.

Let’s instrumentality a person look astatine the haunted mazes, scare zones, unrecorded shows and coasters successful the acheronian coming to Fright Fest 2021 astatine Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Haunted Mazes

Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising — A fog-shrouded post-apocalyptic metropolis covering 40,000 quadrate feet features life-size props, pyrotechnics and different peculiar effects.

Willoughby’s Resurrected — The reincarnated Willoughby household roams the harrowing hallways of their beloved haunted mansion.

Red’s Revenge — A villainous Little Red Riding Hood and her demonic minions hunt the Big Bad Wolf and each who situation participate the woods connected the mode to Grandmother’s location successful this fairy communicative gone awry.

Vault 666 Unlocked — Demonic relics formed spells connected a acheronian and sinister antique store and haunt those who effort to bargain the artifacts.

Condemned: Forever Damned — The walls of a dilapidated location travel live with the spirits who erstwhile lived successful the haunted house.

Sewer of Souls — Step into an oozing underground satellite of terrifying tunnels filled with mislaid souls amid the dank aerial and the odor of dread.

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Scare Zones

Terror Rising: Dark Developments — Demons from the depths of hellhole prey connected guiltless passers-by who participate a haunted cemetery successful this caller scare portion adjacent the Viper roller coaster.

Dead Zone — The caller scare portion finds a renegade horde of cyberpunk zombies feeding connected unsuspecting visitors successful the Underground country of the parkland adjacent the caller West Coast Racers roller coaster.

City Under Siege — Sinister clowns look from acheronian corners and tally rampant done the streets successful DC Universe.

Witches Lair — A achromatic magic spell transforms the DC Comics City of Metropolis into a haven for the wicked.

Demon’s Door — Evil spirits endanger to instrumentality implicit your caput and assemblage conscionable wrong the main entranceway to Magic Mountain.

Exile Hill — The sinister undead relatives of the Willoughby household vow to support their haunted property astatine immoderate outgo adjacent the Sky Tower astatine the apical of Magic Mountain.

Nightmares: A Twisted Fantasy — Your favourite puerility bedtime stories instrumentality connected a perverse twist arsenic creatures leap from the pages of twisted fairy tales.

Terror-tory Twisted — Steam-spewing mechanical beasts stalk their victims successful the Screampunk District adjacent the Twisted Colossus coaster.

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Live Shows

Grave Games — The daring and unsafe caller amusement features crossbows and occurrence juggling successful the Golden Bear Plaza starting Sept. 24.

Dark Minds — The caller mentalist amusement explores the heavy and disturbing thoughts lurking wrong the darkest depths of the caput successful the Gearworks Theater.

VooDoo Nights — Ghoul stone meets today’s popular euphony hits arsenic visitors interruption retired their “Thriller” moves and creation the nighttime distant successful Full Throttle Plaza.

Coasters successful the Dark

Six Flags Magic Mountain turns disconnected the lights connected Twisted Colossus, Viper, X2, Scream, Goliath and Apocalypse for a thrilling roller coaster thrust successful the dark.

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Fright Fest 2021 runs connected Sept. 11-12, Sept. 18-19, Sept. 24-26, Oct. 1-3, Oct. 8-10, Oct. 15-17, Oct. 21-23 and Oct. 28-31. The haunted lawsuit is unfastened until 11 p.m. connected Thursdays and Sundays and 1 a.m. connected Fridays and Saturdays.

Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest is included with regular admittance and play passes.

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