Dolby Atmos and the Fidelio B97: How to make your movies and music sound better

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(Pocket-lint) - Dolby Atmos has changed the scenery of movie viewing and gaming since its inception. Now it is doing the aforesaid with music.

Taking situation dependable to a caller level, with other tallness channels creating much immersion, the audio format is transformative. It's thing that, erstwhile experienced, you'll ne'er privation to spell backmost from.

That's wherefore the Philips Fidelio B97 soundbar is an indispensable portion of a location amusement setup.

Being the archetypal Fidelio dependable strategy with dedicated Dolby Atmos upfiring speakers, it not lone provides the audio prime synonymous with the brand, it ensures listeners are encompassed successful sound.

We explicate however it works and wherefore Dolby Atmos is specified a revelation successful location amusement that it's hard to see a strategy without it.

What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos was archetypal introduced successful cinemas to adhd other tallness channels to movie soundtracks. However, it has since moved into location entertainment, gaming, euphony and adjacent (virtually) connected mobile phones.

Many modern TVs connection Dolby Atmos decoding, with sporting events being broadcast by Sky and BT Sport besides being among supported content. Streaming services, 4K Blu-rays and games tin often travel with Dolby Atmos enactment too.

It works by adding other channels to a accepted situation dependable setup. That often results successful 2 channels seemingly coming from supra the listener - either done dedicated ceiling mounted speakers, oregon via upfiring speakers that bounce the dependable disconnected the ceiling and backmost down to the listening position.

By heightening the dependable mix, the wide acquisition gains much immersion, with dependable seemingly coming from everywhere. Certain sounds tin besides beryllium placed spatially to let for effects, specified arsenic a level taking disconnected overhead.

Music, either created particularly for oregon subsequently remixed, tin dependable similar you are successful the country portion the creator is playing. It is simply a much affectional effect and thing that has had a akin interaction connected audio arsenic 4K Ultra HD and HDR has connected video.

Why take the Fidelio B97?

The Fidelio B97 dependable strategy has been designed with Dolby Atmos firmly successful mind.

It isn't conscionable a soundbar, it is simply a afloat 7.1.2 location cinema strategy with incorporated 2.5-inch upfiring drivers for Dolby Atmos' extended channels. These are angled astatine 70-degrees to bounce the tallness channels successful bid to contiguous the further audio effects.

There are besides 3.5-inch left, close and centre channels for a implicit frontal dependable stage, and detachable speakers either extremity that tin beryllium placed and utilized arsenic wireless rear channels.

An included subwoofer provides further deep, involving bass levels done its 8-inch driver. And, portion the barroom itself is susceptible of highly debased frequencies - astatine 150Hz - the abstracted sub tin spell down to an IMAX Enhanced-certified 35Hz.

The detachable rears tin besides treble arsenic further width erstwhile connected to the main barroom unit. They diagnostic a azygous contention way operator each, coupled with a 19mm soft-dome tweeter. The aforesaid tweeter is utilized for the near and close channels too.

Total powerfulness output is 450W.

This each efficaciously means that you tin provender the B97 with a Dolby Atmos soundtrack from immoderate root you take - it sports 2 HDMI inputs with 4K passthrough and HDMI eARC - and it'll springiness you a implicit location cinema acquisition with small fuss and a tenable footprint. There's nary request for further abstracted speakers.

As good arsenic marque mincemeat of the latest movies, it tin beryllium utilized to crook your surviving country into a performance hall, erstwhile Dolby Atmos euphony mixes drawback up with the system's potential.

Spotify Connect and Apple AirPlay 2 are supported, arsenic is DTS Play-Fi to alteration the Fidelio to acceptable successful with a multi-room setup. And, acknowledgment to Alexa and Google Play support, you tin usage an further astute talker to bid your soundbar too.

There's nary uncertainty astir it, Dolby Atmos is simply a existent crippled changer successful the satellite of location entertainment, and the audiophile-centric Philips Fidelio B97 is simply a strategy to play it astatine its best.

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