Disneyland runs out of Magic Key annual pass reservations for first two weekends

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The harsh world of the Magic Key epoch has arrived with immoderate yearly passholders who paid apical dollar for unlimited entree uncovering themselves locked retired of Disneyland connected the archetypal 2 weekends of the caller program.

Dream Key and Believe Key passholders reservations “sold out” for the archetypal 2 weekends of the caller Magic Key programme connected Aug. 28 and 29 and Sept. 4 and 5.

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The caller Magic Key yearly passes went connected merchantability Aug. 25 with prices ranging from $399 to $1,399. Disneyland ended its erstwhile four-decade-old yearly walk programme successful January during the extended coronavirus closures of the parks.

At times implicit the past 24 hours, Disneyland’s dynamic Magic Key calendar has shown “no reservations available” for Sept. 4 and 5. At times connected Monday, Aug. 30, Dream keyholders could marque reservations for Disney California Adventure connected Sept. 4 and Disneyland connected Sept. 5 portion Believe keyholders could entree some parks connected Sept. 4 and neither parkland connected Sept. 5. Next play was sold retired for each keyholders arsenic of 2:30 p.m. connected Monday, Aug. 30 — but that could change.

Keyholders are encouraged to cheque backmost regularly to the Magic Key calendars arsenic preservation inventory availability tin change, according to Disneyland officials. Disneyland and Disney California Adventure person plentifulness of Magic Key preservation inventory disposable successful the days, weeks and months ahead, according to Disneyland officials.

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It’s not astonishing that reservations sold retired connected the archetypal play aft Magic Key went connected merchantability based connected the pent-up request from erstwhile yearly passholders. Many of past weekend’s reservations appeared to beryllium snapped up astatine the past infinitesimal by keyholders looking to interruption successful their caller passes.

The on-again, off-again sold retired presumption of Magic Key reservations for the upcoming play apt has to bash with the motorboat of Halloween Time decor and amusement that officially kicks disconnected connected Friday, Sept. 3 and the three-day Labor Day vacation weekend.

New keyholders scooped up each disposable reservations for past play wrong days of the motorboat of the caller Magic Key program, according to MiceChat. Next weekend’s reservations are presently sold retired arsenic good — though availability tin alteration connected a moment’s notice. Imagine Keys were blocked retired for Aug. 28 and 29 and Imagine and Enchant Keys are blocked retired for Sept. 4 and 5.

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The certainty of blockout dates nether the erstwhile yearly walk strategy has fixed mode to the uncertainty of unavailable reservations successful the caller Magic Key era.

Disneyland’s “black box” attack to preservation availability means keyholders person nary mode of knowing however galore reservations are left, nary informing erstwhile dates volition merchantability retired and nary thought which days volition beryllium unavailable next.

Top-tier keyholders are rapidly uncovering retired they’ve paid for entree they can’t use.

“The archetypal and 2nd weekends of Dream Magic Key astatine Disneyland (were) already ‘blocked out’ if you didn’t determine to get a preservation up of time,” Twitter idiosyncratic Hastin from Santa Ana wrote connected Monday, Aug. 30 astatine 7 a.m. erstwhile each reservations were unavailable. “This strategy mightiness beryllium a hellscape successful a fewer months. A good needle to thread with however overmuch radical wage and however they expect to go.”

Sold retired reservations connected Sept. 4 and 5 mean $1,399 Dream Key and $949 Believe Key passholders person the aforesaid level of entree arsenic the blocked retired $649 Enchant Key and $399 Imagine Key passholders.

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Disneyland tested the waters of an beforehand preservation yearly walk strategy with the motorboat of the top-rated Flex Pass successful May 2019.

It took months earlier Flex reservations became unavailable aft the motorboat of the pass. By comparison, Magic Key reservations were gone wrong days for the archetypal 2 weekends — a testament to the measurement of caller passes sold.

Keyholders are rapidly getting the connection that they volition person to program up if they privation to sojourn the parks connected weekends, holidays and fashionable seasonal dates — nary much waiting until the past infinitesimal to program a visit. Less fashionable weekdays are inactive disposable for last-minute Magic Key reservations.

That could each alteration arsenic Disneyland sells much Magic Keys successful the coming days, weeks, months and years. Competition for Magic Key reservations volition proceed to turn progressively fierce with each caller yearly walk Disneyland sells.

“It appears that weekends and holidays whitethorn beryllium hard to get and adjacent much truthful arsenic much and much folks motion up for Magic Key,” according to MiceChat. “We present unrecorded successful an property of all-things-Disney needing to beryllium planned weeks oregon months successful advance.”

Reservation limits implicit the past play kept assemblage levels and attraction hold times manageable astatine Disneyland and DCA contempt Magic Key entree being afloat booked, according to MiceChat.

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The Anaheim taxable parkland has the quality to chopped disconnected Magic Key sales, but has not indicated if and erstwhile that could happen. Disneyland is offering a escaped swag container for keyholders who bargain their walk successful the archetypal 66 days — successful grant of Disneyland’s 66th anniversary.

How tin passholders debar sold retired dates? Expect keyholders to statesman squatting connected preservation dates that whitethorn entreaty to them successful the aboriginal — if they are not doing that already.

Dream and Believe keyholders tin clasp up to six reservations astatine a time. Enchant keyholders tin person up to 4 reservations and Imagine keyholders tin person two.

Magic Key passholders are required to cancel reservations by 11:59 p.m. the nighttime earlier their visit. Three nary shows successful a 90-day play puts a 30-day clasp connected caller reservations. There is nary bounds connected the fig of cancellations allowed per keyholder.

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Disneyland’s caller Magic Key programme could pb to a caller squat-and-release strategy wherever keyholders publication the maximum fig of reservations allowable and cancel them connected a rolling ground astatine the past moment.

That means keyholders could commencement seeing reservations escaped up each nighttime betwixt 11 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. arsenic squatters cancel tomorrow’s bookings en masse successful the eleventh hour. Date squatting could person the imaginable to marque Magic Key reservations adjacent harder to travel by.

So far, Disneyland has not acceptable up a waiting database for keyholders who privation to sojourn connected sold-out dates oregon a propulsion alert strategy to notify keyholders erstwhile reservations reopen for antecedently unavailable dates.

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