COVID burnout: Nurse shortages in California reaching crisis point

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By Kristen Hwang | CalMatters

In the past month, 4 exigency country nurses — exhausted by the onslaught of patients and affectional turmoil wrought by COVID-19 — person discontinue astatine the Eureka infirmary wherever Matt Miele works.

Miele, who has been a trauma caregiver for 4 years, is actively looking for a little stressful nursing presumption and has colleagues who are, too.

“On the atrocious days, I deliberation ‘What americium I doing and is this what I privation to beryllium doing?’” Miele said. “It’s shifting maine to my core.”

Matt Miele, a trauma nurse, is looking for a little stressful presumption aft 18 months of warring COVID. (Courtesy of Matt Miele)


Around California — and the federation —  nurses are trading successful high-pressure jobs for a vocation change, aboriginal status oregon little demanding assignments, starring to staffing shortages successful galore hospitals.

Hospitals are struggling to comply with the state’s caregiver staffing requirements arsenic pandemic-induced burnout has exacerbated an already chronic nursing shortage nationwide.

But burnout isn’t the lone happening compounding California’s nursing shortage: The state’s new vaccine mandate for wellness attraction workers is already causing headaches for understaffed hospitals earlier it is adjacent implemented. Some traveling nurses — who are successful precocious request nationwide — are turning down California assignments due to the fact that they don’t privation to get vaccinated.

Hospitals accidental they are reaching a situation point, straining nether the dual forces of much radical seeking regular attraction and surging COVID-19 hospitalizations driven by the Delta variant.

“Oftentimes astatine hospitals determination are agelong waits and agelong delays,” said Dr. Tom Sugarman, an exigency doc successful the East Bay and elder manager of authorities affairs astatine Vituity, a physicians’ group. “There’s not capable unit to support beds open, and patients tin languish waiting.”

In March 2020, the California Department of Public Health contracted with Aya Health — 1 of the nation’s largest traveling caregiver providers — to wage up to $1 cardinal implicit six months to assistance hospitals conscionable nursing and different objective unit shortages.

Department officials did not respond to aggregate requests astir the fig of hospitals present seeking exigency staffing, and would not merchandise the updated contract.

Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an enforcement order reinstating exigency provisions aimed astatine ensuring capable staffing. In part, the bid allows wellness attraction workers from retired of authorities to enactment successful California.

Unprecedented unit shortages

Before the pandemic, nursing shortages were communal successful astir areas of the state, according to the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.

Now the pandemic has stretched resources to a breaking point.

Hospitals, immoderate with more COVID-19 patients present than during the wintertime surge, accidental they are confronting unprecedented staffing shortages, peculiarly among nurses.

“All of our hospitals are saying staffing is simply a large problem,” said Lois Richardson, lawyer for the California Hospital Association. “We person less unit than astatine the opening of the pandemic and much patients.”

The staffing shortage is truthful severe that Scripps Health is considering temporarily consolidating immoderate of its outpatient centers. Scripps, which has 5 hospitals and 28 outpatient clinics successful the San Diego area, told CalMatters that it is serving astir 20% much patients connected mean than earlier the pandemic. At the aforesaid time, occupation openings astatine the hospitals person accrued 57% since August 2019. For nursing jobs alone, vacancies person accrued 96%.

“We’ve had immoderate unit permission the enactment oregon permission the manufacture arsenic a full due to the fact that they’re burned out,” said Eric Cole, firm elder vice president of quality resources for Scripps. “They’ll aftermath up successful the greeting and telephone disconnected the shift. They’ve done arsenic overmuch arsenic they tin do.”

Emotional and carnal exhaustion is the superior crushed nurses are fleeing the bedside, experts say. It has been a agelong and brutal 18 months.

“We thought the pandemic would beryllium implicit soon and could instrumentality clip aboriginal to woody with our emotions,” said Zenei Triunfo-Cortez, president of National Nurses United, the largest nursing national successful the country, which has much than 100,000 members successful its California association. “Then the second surge hit, and the 3rd and present it’s the fourth.”

Mary Lynn Briggs, an ICU caregiver successful Bakersfield, said of the dozens of COVID-19 patients she has treated since the pandemic began, lone 3 person survived.

“Some days coming location from the infirmary I outcry astatine God, I outcry astatine myself, I outcry astatine COVID and cry. And that’s each earlier I propulsion into my driveway,” Briggs said.

Her workplace has mislaid much unit than they tin hire, and that means the ones who are near person to prime up the slack.

“There person been aggregate nights wherever I curse I americium bushed and I request a nighttime off, and past I get a telephone from idiosyncratic saying we’re going to springiness the caregiver 3 patients, truthful I spell successful due to the fact that I don’t privation anyone to enactment retired of ratio,” Briggs said.

“Out of ratio” means that a caregiver is assigned excessively galore patients. California is the lone authorities that caps the number of patients that tin beryllium assigned to a azygous nurse. Under authorities requirements, for instance, an ICU caregiver tin person nary much than 2 patients and an exigency country nurse, nary much than four.

In December, during the wintertime surge, exigency waivers for the ratios were granted to hospitals passim the state, allowing ICU nurses to spot 3 patients, for instance. Critics accidental the conditions threatened diligent safety.

Newsom’s bid past week did not reinstate the waivers of the nurse-patient ratios, which expired connected Feb. 8. Individual facilities, however, tin inactive use for them.

“I would not beryllium amazed if they reapply for waivers,” national president Triunfo-Cortez said.

The authorities wellness section did not respond to requests seeking accusation connected whether hospitals person applied for staffing waivers successful effect to the shortages.

Vaccine mandate complicates staffing

Hospital administrators interest that the state’s vaccine mandate for wellness attraction workers, which goes into effect Sept. 30, could thrust immoderate of their workers out. Already, immoderate study absorption among employees.

“One infirmary told america they had 474 unvaccinated employees. They did a large acquisition and inducement push. Only 12 radical signed up,” said Richardson, the infirmary association’s attorney.

Administrators are peculiarly acrophobic astir debased vaccination rates among enactment unit similar janitors and nutrient work workers. However, immoderate nurses besides are wary of the COVID-19 vaccine. Some nurses with ample societal media followings person participated successful protests successful Southern California, arguing that the mandates interruption their idiosyncratic freedom.

The vaccine bid allows lone for constrictive spiritual and aesculapian exemptions. Until Sept. 30, unvaccinated workers indispensable acquisition play COVID-19 testing. The authorities nursing relation issued a connection saying “all eligible radical should beryllium vaccinated.”

While California was archetypal successful the federation to enforce a vaccine mandate for wellness attraction workers, different states person since joined in, but their mandates aren’t arsenic broad.

Cole of Scripps Health said the state’s testing requirement, imposed this week, already has discouraged immoderate out-of-state, traveling nurses from taking impermanent jobs astatine California hospitals.

“If they don’t privation to get vaccinated, they are turning down California assignments,” helium said.

Traveling nurses successful precocious demand

To contend with section shortages, hospitals are progressively turning to hiring temporary, traveling nurses from astir the country.

During the past 18 months, Janet Stovall, a traveling ICU caregiver for much than 20 years, has worked successful hospitals successful the Imperial Valley municipality of Brawley, Visalia, Wichita, Kan., and present Folsom and Alameda  — and each of them person been moving connected “very thin staffing.”

“Last nighttime determination were ambulances waiting conscionable to get into the ER to beryllium evaluated… They pulled a caregiver from the ICU to assistance with the ER, and we worked without a complaint caregiver oregon a interruption nurse,” Stovall said.

Stovall said traveling nurses similar her are successful precocious demand. At 1 hospital, “we hadn’t adjacent finished predisposition erstwhile the VP of diligent services called and said ‘You request to permission close now, trial retired of orientation, and beryllium astatine enactment by 11 p.m.,’” Stovall said. “That’s however hopeless they are.”

Nurses Janet Stovall, left, and Candace Brim, right, are based successful  North Carolina but person  been traveling arsenic  a brace  since the opening  of this year. Photo by Anne Wernikoff, CalMattersIn the past 7 months, each COVID diligent that Janet Stovall (left) and Candace Brim treated has died. “We took attraction of astir 65 COVID patients successful Brawley and not a azygous 1 made it,” Stovall said. “We coded 1 each night…Before (COVID), you could marque a quality successful someone’s life. Now I volition bash thing for a patient, and it does not marque a difference.” (Anne Wernikoff/CalMatters)

Sophia Morris, vice president of relationship absorption astatine Aya Healthcare, said California has the 2nd highest fig of positions posted for nurses, exceeded lone by Texas.

Nationwide much than 52,000 impermanent wellness attraction jobs are posted, and Aya is lone capable to capable astir 3,000 per week, she said.

“In the 16 years I’ve been successful this space, I person ne'er seen this precocious a need,” Morris said.

That request is creating aggravated contention for a constricted excavation of nurses nationwide.

“Nurses are getting paid premiums to enactment successful Texas and Florida wherever it’s surging close now,” Sugarman said. “Those nurses person to travel from somewhere, and I wouldn’t beryllium amazed if immoderate are coming from California.”

Hospitals person been paying doubly arsenic overmuch arsenic pre-pandemic times for travelers, Morris said.

To entice nurses to travel to California, the authorities Department of Public Health agreed to wage up to $145 per hr for Aya Health’s ICU nurses and much if a installation had a “critical need.” Stovall, who works for Aya, said betwixt October and December 2020, she was paid $10,000 per week with an further $2,000 if she picked up an other shift.

It’s moving — but not without consequences.

The wealth is pulling full-time unit nurses into traveling positions, further aggravating the staffing shortage nationwide. Stovall, who is based successful North Carolina, said her sister-in-law took a week’s abrogation from a full-time nursing gig to prime up an $8,000 traveling contract. She besides convinced a longtime friend, Candace Brim, to permission her unit presumption and question during the tallness of the pandemic successful December.

“Everywhere we spell radical ask, ‘Can we get your recruiter’s number?’ We’ve fixed it retired 20 times,’” she said.

Traveling has been cardinal to helping them debar burnout, Brim and Stovall said. It’s rewarding to beryllium capable to travel successful and “save the situation” astatine hospitals successful dire request of other hands, Brim said, and the wealth is bully capable that they tin spend to instrumentality weeks disconnected astatine a clip aft hard assignments. Their contracts successful Folsom and Alameda past until Thanksgiving.

“By the clip we decorativeness our declaration successful November, we volition person capable wealth to beryllium location the remainder of November and December each done the holidays,” Stovall said.

Time disconnected has helped them header with the somber realities of treating COVID-19 patients successful the ICU: In the past 7 months, each COVID diligent Brim and Stovall treated has died.

“We took attraction of astir 65 COVID patients successful Brawley and not a azygous 1 made it,” Stovall said. “We coded 1 each night.

“Before (COVID-19), you could marque a quality successful someone’s life. Now I volition bash thing for a patient, and it does not marque a difference. …Three days aboriginal they don’t marque it.”

Will truthful galore nurses pain retired and permission the assemblage that California volition look semipermanent shortages? It’s possible. Pre-pandemic, 1 projection said California volition beryllium short much than 44,000 nurses by 2030, portion different studies suggested that determination volition beryllium an adequate proviso of caller graduates.

Low staffing stresses retired ER nurses

In Humboldt County, each floors are astatine afloat capableness astatine the infirmary wherever ER caregiver Miele works. Humboldt is 1 of the areas experiencing record-setting COVID-19 hospitalizations.

Miele has had patients who waited 10 to 12 hours successful the exigency room. Sometimes, the patients helium checks connected astatine 9:30 p.m. earlier helium leaves are inactive successful the waiting country the adjacent greeting erstwhile helium returns to work.

“To maine it seems similar the lowest staffing levels that I’ve seen astatine the clip we request it the most,” helium said, adding that helium often works astatine a patient-to-emergency-room-nurse ratio that exceeds the four-to-one required by the state.

People are triaged successful the waiting country “like a wide casualty diligent event,” getting their archetypal assessments and tests ordered earlier ever seeing the wrong of an introspection room. He said helium worries due to the fact that unit are incapable to routinely show the patients successful the waiting rooms.

His infirmary hasn’t yet rationed attraction by prioritizing who gets treated based connected who is astir apt to survive, but it is being discussed, Miele said.

“Stress is portion of the crippled erstwhile you motion up to beryllium an exigency medicine RN,” helium said, “but this is different level.”

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