Commission offers tools for public to map LA County’s shifting political boundaries

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LOS ANGELES — The committee charged with drafting districts for electing L.A. County supervisors sought much nationalist input connected Tuesday, Aug. 31, offering online tools which fto residents gully their ain recommended boundaries.

The co-chair of the Los Angeles County Citizens Redistricting Commission said it is important for the nationalist to spot what the committee is up to.

“We privation the process of drafting the supervisorial territory lines to beryllium transparent. We volition beryllium making each submitted maps disposable for the public’s review,” said CRC co-chair Carolyn Williams.

Mapping bundle disposable astatine enables individuals and organizations to gully maps to place the geography of their “communities of interest.” Keeping those communities intact, arsenic overmuch arsenic possible, is 1 of the goals of the commission.

The bundle — which uses 2020 Census information and different information sets —also allows users to gully the 5 Supervisorial Districts.

The cardinal requirements for caller districts are:

— territory populations that are reasonably adjacent successful colonisation (about 2 cardinal colonisation each);

— districts that are geographically contiguous, portion considering topography, geography, cohesiveness, contiguity, integrity and compactness.

Suggested maps volition articulation a big of different input to beryllium reviewed by the commission, according to co-chair Daniel Mayeda.

“We’ve received extended input regarding communities of involvement (COI) done written letters, nationalist testimonies, completed COI forms and emails,” Mayeda said. “We volition beryllium integrating that input with the public’s recommended maps.”

The enactment to redraw the boundaries of the supervisorial districts takes spot each 10 years, aft the U.S. Census Bureau publishes updated census information.

In the past, the Board of Supervisors appointed an advisory committee to survey projected changes and had the accidental to marque revisions earlier adopting the last districted boundaries.

When caller districts were past drawn, successful 2011, critics accused immoderate supervisors of favoring a program that made it much hard to elite a 2nd Latino committee member. Gloria Molina was the lone Latina supervisor astatine that time, and was replaced by Supervisor Hilda Solis, who remains the sole Latina elected to the board.

The county’s colonisation is present much than 48% Latino oregon Hispanic, according to census estimates.

As a effect of authorities authorities passed successful 2016, the L.A. County CRC is present autarkic of the Board of Supervisors.

The commission’s adjacent regular gathering is acceptable for Sept. 14 astatine 7 p.m., and much accusation is disposable astatine

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