ChangeNOW unveils the NOW Tracker crypto portfolio app

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The exchange’s caller app lets users support way of each their crypto balances and transaction histories successful 1 place

Crypto exchange ChangeNOW is expanding its services with the merchandise of the NOW Tracker app, according to a caller press release. Customers tin present negociate their crypto portfolio connected the move, with the quality to way their equilibrium and transaction history.

The ChangeNOW speech provides limitless exchanges for much than 170 coins, with enactment for an ever-growing database of implicit 10,000 currency pairs. As a non-custodial service, determination is nary registration request and customers support afloat power implicit their funds.

Customers of the speech tin bargain crypto with fiat arsenic ChangeNOW supports Visa and Mastercard payments, portion crypto exchanges instrumentality an mean of 2 minutes. Users are guaranteed the champion speech rates arsenic ChangeNOW is integrated with aggregate cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Keeping way of crypto portfolios is overmuch simpler present with the motorboat of NOW Tracker. Users tin presumption their balances successful crypto and their section fiat currency, arsenic good arsenic their transaction history, simply by entering the wallet addresses for the coins they would similar to support tabs on.

There is simply a prime of tracking modes disposable for app users. With Manual tracking, users tin bash each the updates themselves. With Auto tracking, connected the different hand, each their transaction histories, balances and shares are updated automatically from antithetic artifact explorers to prevention users time.

NOW Tracker makes it easier to negociate a portfolio and enactment up to day with the crypto markets. The Analytics conception shows which assets successful a portfolio are the astir valuable. What’s more, the app provides real-time terms updates, unrecorded charts and utile indicators to assistance users support way of much than 200 of the apical cryptocurrencies and marque better-informed concern decisions.

Users tin bask privateness arsenic NOW Tracker doesn’t cod oregon store information from users oregon their devices and doesn’t stock idiosyncratic statistic with advertisers. There is besides nary request to springiness up immoderate backstage keys arsenic the app provides a non-custodial service.

There is lawsuit enactment disposable 24/7 for users and the NOW Tracker app is disposable for escaped from the Google Play Store – nary registration required.

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