Calls Grow For Madison Cawthorn To Be Expelled From The House

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After helium urged much unit and bloodshed against the US government, calls are increasing for Rep Madison Cawthorn to beryllium expelled from the House.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) was asked astir expelling Cawthorn connected MSNBC’s The Reid Out:

Rep. Eric Swalwell says Rep. Madison Cawthorn should "face the consequences" of his calls for much unit connected #TheReidOut


Swalwell said:

He should look the consequences for what helium has said, and I deliberation Speaker Pelosi is considering that, and that’s what her connection reflects. And this is wherefore Kevin Mccarthy cannot beryllium speaker. He is not liable capable to break from Donald Trump and just condemn basal outright violence. 

By the way, that adjutant asked me earlier tonight. She said, you know, you didn’t respond to the e-mail. Do you privation the vest? You tweeted astir it. And I thought it was bananas, frankly, erstwhile she sent it to me. I thought it was a joke. A batch of my colleagues person understandably purchased bulletproof vests, which I respect, but arsenic you spot these statements from radical similar Madison Cawthorn, I’m naive. I’m the naive 1 to deliberation that he and others would not, again, invite, assemble, incite, and aim unit astatine the Capitol.

A DOJ Investigation Of Cawthorn Has Been Requested.

The American Muckrakers PAC wrote to AG Garland to motorboat a DOJ probe into Cawthorn:

I americium penning to you with an urgent plea to analyse a superior ongoing transgression matter.

As documented successful publically disposable video and reported by galore quality sources, connected August 29th astatine a nationalist gathering successful Franklin, North Carolina, Representative David Madison Cawthorn (NC-11), speaking of the January 6, 2021, insurrection, was asked “When are you going to telephone america to Washington again?” His reply was chilling: “We are actively moving connected that. We person a fewer plans successful question I can’t marque nationalist close now. There’s a batch of Republicans who don’t privation to speech astir this.”

Just anterior to Rep. Cawthorn’s evident admittance to conspiring to motorboat different attempted coup, helium repeated the Big Lie that had provided the screen for January 6th’s convulsive rebellion – that President Biden was not, successful Cawthorn’s muddled yet nevertheless wide words, “dutifully elected,” and “we cognize it was a stolen election.”

And helium ominously warned that further large lies regarding the adjacent predetermination volition “lead to 1 place, and that’s bloodshed.” Chillingly, helium stated “I americium consenting to support our liberty astatine each costs. There’s thing that I would dread doing much than having to prime up arms against a chap American.”

U.S. instrumentality does supply wide immunity for members of Congress acting successful their authoritative capacity. But that capacity, and frankincense that immunity, intelligibly does not widen to conspiring to perpetrate an insurrection against the U.S.
government, calling for bloodshed, and inciting followers to instrumentality up arms against their chap citizens.

I americium penning to urgently petition that you motorboat an probe into Rep. Cawthorn’s past and ongoing insurrectionist activities, person the FBI interrogation him to find his intentions, and corroborate whether helium is indeed
planning for further unit successful Washington, DC oregon anyplace else. In addition, we request to cognize with whom helium is progressive successful this amerciable conspiracy.

It Takes A 2/3 Vote To Expel A House Member

It takes a two-thirds ballot successful the House to expel a member. A elemental bulk won’t do. The lone mode for Cawthorn to beryllium expelled would beryllium for Republicans to besides ballot to expel him. Since Kevin McCarthy refuses to instrumentality immoderate enactment against members of his caucus for violence, determination is zero accidental that Cawthorn is expelled.

The American radical don’t privation insurrectionists successful their government, and the calls are increasing for Cawthorn to go.

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