Business Beat: Wine and cheese, mortgage company, organic Mexican food, happy hour

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Long Beach

By Jo Murray, Contributor

Wine and cheese

Soif, a vino store and vino barroom volition beryllium opening successful September astatine 1147 Loma Ave. The 1,250-square-foot abstraction volition see an outdoor patio with olive and citrus trees.

“I’ve been wanting to unfastened a vino store for respective years and each accidental had a large blocker erstwhile I was up successful LA,” proprietor and sommelier Alicia Kemper said. “However, erstwhile I recovered the abstraction connected Loma, I instantly felt connected to the abstraction and though it’s been a travel to get the doors open, I couldn’t ideate seeing my imagination travel live successful immoderate different place.

“Everyone has been truthful encouraging and welcoming, some neighbors and residents alike, and I can’t hold to stock my passionateness for earthy vino (especially Champagne) with Long Beach,” she added.

The determination is successful a one-story ceramic gathering with ample windows. In summation to wine, she volition beryllium selling charcuterie kits, and cheeses, olives, and pickles.

“Her ABC exertion had been approved by City Council astatine our Aug. 3 meeting, and our bureau assisted with getting her the paperwork from the City Clerk. It was the cleanable clip to invited her to the neighborhood,” Fourth District Councilman Daryl Supernaw said successful an email.

“She was precise excited astir each the affirmative vigor successful the area,” the councilman continued. “I besides confirmed that she has nary affiliation with Lodge Bread Company. People person asked that question, but it’s simply a coincidence that the 2 businesses (that are truthful ideally matched) volition beryllium adjacent to each other. Not lone is it a large building, the surrounding Zaferia vicinity has large walkability. That is perfect for immoderate vino bar/wine store business.”

Loans In Naples

The Naples storefront astatine 5612- A E. Second St. volition soon beryllium location to a owe firm.

“I represented the tenant and John Eddy represented the landlord successful the transaction,” Vachel McKeever wrote successful a message. “We’re some from Coldwell Banker Blair Westmac. The owe institution is moving from their bureau successful Signal Hill to Naples and the owners unrecorded successful the Shore, truthful the determination was a nary brainer.  They volition beryllium taking implicit the aged Compass space.”

Mexican cuisine

“Tocaya has officially opened astatine the 2nd & PCH center. They person a large paper and the buildout is beautiful. They person a large Happy Hour too,” according to Samanatha Lopez, wide manager astatine CenterCal Properties.

The paper includes “Modern Mexican Organic food,” consisting of salads, tacos, bowls, and burritos. The Margarita paper includes a prime of 5 antithetic recipes.

More happiness

San Pedro Fish Market Long Beach astatine 6550 E Marina Dr. is launching a caller Happy Hour paper featuring seafood specials and cocktails. Inspired by summertime flavors and airy bites, the caller paper features shareables and seafood entrees for little than $12 and drinks for $5-7.

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