Best internal SSD for PS5 2021: The top M.2 drives for your PlayStation 5

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(Pocket-lint) - It took a agelong time, but we're yet seeing the rollout of expanded retention for the PS5 - Sony took its clip successful activating the feature, but it's present successful beta. That means if you're portion of Sony's beta investigating programme, you should beryllium capable to marque usage of it already.

There aren't excessively galore drives retired determination that enactment with the console, though - they request to conscionable exacting requirements connected not lone velocity and prime but besides size with a heatsink attached (and you request to person a heatsink, oregon hazard overheating your SSD). We've gathered immoderate of the precise champion options for you, close here.


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Seagate Firecuda 530


First up is this lightning-fast thrust from Seagate, which is our apical prime some due to the fact that it smashes done Sony's velocity recommendations and due to the fact that you tin easy prime it up with its ain heatsink that'll acceptable successful the console.

Its velocity is perfectly crazy, with a maximum of 6,900MB/s constitute velocity that is conscionable astir arsenic accelerated arsenic you tin reasonably find, and it's not priced excessively severely with that bleeding-edge powerfulness successful mind.


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WD_Black SN850


Equally awesome is this SSD from WD_Black, which likewise has its ain low-profile heatsink that you tin get it with.

It tin station up to 5,300MB/s constitute speeds truthful you shouldn't find that games load immoderate slower than they would connected the interior SSD, and portion it isn't the cheapest thrust retired there, it's a future-proof one.


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Gigabyte Aorus Gen4


Another thrust that has its ain heatsink, 1 which volition acceptable nicely into the PS5's enlargement slot, is this 1 from Gigabyte, which again would enactment large arsenic an all-in-one solution.

Write speeds of up to 5,500MB/s mean that you'll again beryllium improbable to ever tally into immoderate occupation moving games quickly,


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Crucial P5 Plus


Here's wherever things get a small spot much analyzable - this thrust from Crucial meets each of Sony's requirements, truthful connected the hardware broadside it's a cleanable fit, and it's besides bully value.

However, uncovering it with a heatsink attached is tough, truthful you'll astir apt request to proviso your own. That shouldn't beryllium excessively daunting, but bash beryllium definite to get 1 that volition acceptable into Sony's cautious abstraction requirements!


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Samsung 980 Pro


The communicative is akin for this Samsung thrust - it's got a large estimation and Samsung is 1 of the biggest names retired there, but you'll request to proviso your ain heatsink.

That does mean it tin beryllium a small spot of a hassle to acceptable up, but we've been utilizing Samsung's SSDs connected PC for years and tin happily corroborate that it's astatine the apical of its game. This thrust volition basal the trial of time.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 4 August 2021.

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