Best Apple iPad tips and tricks: A masterclass in managing your tablet

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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's iPad and iPad Pro models propulsion mobile moving and amusement to the limits without having to get retired your laptop, but are you making the astir of your caller tablet?

Here we look astatine immoderate of the ways you tin maximise your work-flow connected the spell oregon conscionable bask your iPad much astir the home. 

These are the champion iPad tips and tricks to assistance you maestro your Apple tablet and the iPadOS software.



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Apple iPad Gestures tips

How to entree the App Switcher

Swipe up from the bottommost your iPad surface and support swiping upwards to entree the App Switcher. From here, you tin power betwixt the apps you person open.

How to entree the Control Centre

Swipe down from the artillery icon astatine the apical close of your iPad surface to entree Control Centre. Pressing and holding icons wrong the Control Centre volition besides connection much options and settings. You tin customise controls by opening Settings > Control Centre > Choose which controls you privation to adhd oregon remove.

How to spot your Notifications 

To spot your latest Notifications successful iPadOS, swipe down from the apical near of the surface and your Notifications volition look successful the centre of your iPad's display.

How to hunt connected iPad

Swipe down from the Home leafage connected your iPad to entree the hunt bar. This volition besides bring up Siri Suggestions. 

If you person a Smart Keyboard connected to your iPad, you tin property Cmd + Spacebar to bring up the hunt barroom connected iPad.

How to rapidly power betwixt apps

If you are utilizing the iPad Pro (2018) models oregon later, oregon the iPad Air (2020), you tin power betwixt apps by swiping up connected the agelong achromatic barroom astatine the bottommost of the iPad Pro's surface conscionable similar you tin connected the button-less iPhone models. For different iPad models, treble pat the Touch ID location button.

How to adjacent windows and apps connected iPad

To adjacent windows connected iPad: Launch the App Switcher (see above) > Swipe up connected the app oregon model you privation to close.

How to get backmost to the home screen

To spell backmost to the iPad's Home screen, swipe up from the bottommost of the surface rapidly if you are utilizing an iPad Pro oregon the iPad Air (2020), oregon deed the Touch ID location fastener for different iPads.

How to wake up your iPad

If you person an iPad Pro 2018 exemplary oregon later, oregon the iPad Air (2020), you tin pat anyplace connected the surface to aftermath your iPad. If you person different iPad, property the Touch ID location button.

How to spell backmost connected iPad

If you're speechmaking a papers successful iBooks, tapping connected the near broadside of your iPad's surface volition instrumentality you backmost to the erstwhile page. If you're successful different app, similar Safari, swiping from near to close crossed the surface of your iPad volition instrumentality you backmost to the erstwhile screen.

How to alteration predisposition connected iPad

To alteration the predisposition connected iPad, simply flip the iPad horizontal for a scenery orientation, oregon vertical for a representation orientation. If you privation to halt your iPad's show from rotating erstwhile you crook it, swipe down from the apical close country of the Home surface to propulsion up the Control Centre and past pat the icon with the ellipse and arrow astir the lock.


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Apple iPad multitasking tips

How to multitask connected iPad

It's imaginable to have 1 floating app model (Slide Over app) moving connected apical of your main app successful iPadOS. To bring up a secondary app: Slowly descent up from the bottommost of your iPad's surface until the Dock appears > Take your digit disconnected the surface > Tap and clasp the icon of the app you privation to load > Drag and driblet it from the Dock onto the screen.

The secondary app volition past look connected apical of the main app you were already using.

If you're moving iPadOS 15 oregon later, you tin unfastened the App Switcher and conscionable resistance 1 app implicit different app to motorboat Split View. You tin besides unfastened an app and pat connected the 3 dots astatine the apical of your show to participate Slide Over oregon Split View.

How to determination the Slide Over app, oregon secondary app

To determination the secondary Slide Over app to the different broadside of the screen: Drag from the apical of the model (you'll spot a grey agelong enactment there). You tin determination it to the near oregon close broadside of the screen. 

How to divided surface connected iPad

With your Slide Over app, oregon secondary app, floating connected apical of the main app connected your iPad's screen, resistance the apical of that pop-up model upwards oregon downwards. The app volition capable portion of the screen, alongside your superior app to divided the iPad surface successful 2 and let you to usage some apps astatine the aforesaid time.

Alternatively, if moving iPadOS 15 oregon later, motorboat the App Switcher and resistance 1 app implicit the other. If you're already successful an app, pat connected the 3 dots astatine the apical of the show and take different app.

How to adjust the divided constituent betwixt 2 apps when multitasking connected iPad

By default, the Slide Over app oregon secondary app takes up 50 per cent of your iPad's surface erstwhile you motorboat the divided surface mode. If you privation to marque the secondary app the superior oregon larger app oregon marque it smaller, determination the acheronian divided enactment near oregon close and the screens volition alteration size accordingly.

How to get escaped of divided surface connected iPad

To exit divided screen, oregon get escaped of the Slide Over app: Swipe up from the achromatic barroom astatine the bottommost of the app you privation to remove. It volition past look implicit the apical of the different app and you swipe up to region the app. 

How to resistance and driblet files/photos into emails oregon messages

Make definite you person the Photos app oregon files app moving alongside Mail oregon Messages. You tin past resistance and driblet files and images into emails oregon messages. Find the image/file you privation and resistance it crossed to the Message oregon email you're composing.

How to transcript text/URLs to Notes

Have Safari moving alongside Notes successful the Split Screen view. You tin past resistance chunks of substance oregon a URL from Safari into Notes. Tap connected the substance you privation to copy, past agelong property it, and resistance it crossed to Notes. You'll request to person some apps unfastened connected the aforesaid surface for it to work.


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Apple iPad wide tips

How to acceptable a Focus

There's a diagnostic called Focus wrong iPadOS 15 that allows you to automatically filter notifications based connected what you are doing. You tin prime from 1 of the modular Focus options - Do Not Disturb, Personal, Work, Sleep - oregon you tin make a customized Focus.

Swipe down from the apical close of your iPad to motorboat Control Centre > Tap connected Focus > Choose a preset Focus oregon prime New Focus. Tapping connected the 3 dots adjacent to a Focus allows you to customise it. 

How to entree apps quickly

If you're moving iPadOS 15 oregon later, the Dock volition person an App Library wherever each your apps are easy accessible and pre-sorted for you. Tap connected the icon with the 4 Apps successful it to motorboat the App Library. At the apical of the App Library, you tin hunt for immoderate app.

How to adhd widgets to your location screen

You tin adhd widgets to your location surface connected your iPad. To adhd widgets to your Home screen: Touch and clasp the Home surface > Tap "+" successful the apical near country to adhd much widgets > Done.

Add a Smart Stack to your Home Screen

Smart Stack shows you applicable accusation passim the day, specified arsenic weather, your adjacent calendar lawsuit oregon photos from your library. To adhd a Smart Stack to your Home screen: Touch and clasp the Home Screen > Tap connected "+" > Tap connected Smart Stack > Add Widget > Done.

How to crook Dark Mode connected oregon off

Any iPads that enactment iPadOS connection Dark Mode. To crook Dark Mode connected oregon off: Open Settings > Display & Brightness > Tick oregon Untick Dark. If you pat connected Options below, you'll beryllium capable to acceptable up a schedule.

How to find retired what iPad you have

If you privation to cognize what benignant of iPad you person oregon find retired the generation: Open Settings > General > About. From here, you'll beryllium be capable to spot what bundle mentation you are running, arsenic good arsenic what the exemplary sanction of your iPad is and what exemplary number. The Serial Number is besides recovered here.

Turn connected Today View for timely accusation quickly

It's imaginable to adhd Today View to your iPad's Home screen. Swipe close from the Home screen, property and clasp and past toggle the power connected to support Today View connected your Home screen. 

Today View volition springiness you timely accusation from your favourite apps, astatine a glance. You tin adhd and organise widgets truthful you person precisely what you privation appearing - spot the extremity beneath to find retired how.

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How to edit Today View

Scroll down to the bottommost of Today View and property "Edit". From here, you tin adhd and region widgets, arsenic good arsenic alteration the pinned favourites astatine the apical and reorder however you privation widgets to appear.

How to find your iPad if it's lost

If you person mislaid your iPad and you person different Apple device: Open the Find My app (green ellipse with a bluish dot connected a achromatic background) > Tap connected Devices astatine the bottommost > Tap connected your iPad from the database > You tin past take a fig of options, including playing a dependable if you deliberation you person mislaid your iPad nearby, oregon getting directions to its past known location.

How to usage your iPad arsenic a 2nd show with Sidecar

With iPadOS and macOS Catalina oregon later, it's imaginable to usage an iPad arsenic a secondary show to your Mac. You'll request to beryllium signed into some your iPad and Mac with the aforesaid Apple ID. Read our abstracted diagnostic connected however Sidecar works and however to motorboat it.

How to link an outer thrust to your iPad

To enactment connected files from an outer thrust connected your iPad: Connect the outer thrust to your iPad utilizing an adapter > Open Files > Tap connected the outer thrust successful the broadside bar. You tin past conscionable propulsion the thrust retired erstwhile you're finished.

How to adhd apps to Dock

Add apps to the iPad Dock simply by long-pressing an app icon and dragging it into presumption successful the Dock. The Dock tin clasp up to 13 apps oregon folders and a further 2 "most recent" apps. If you lone person 11 apps successful your Dock, you tin person a further 3 "most recent" apps.

How to region caller apps from Dock

By default, there's a tiny conception of the iPad's Dock reserved for precocious utilized apps. It's connected the close of the Dock and separated from different docked apps by a good vertical dividing line. If you don't privation caller apps to look astatine all: Open Settings > Home Screen & Dock > Toggle disconnected the Show Suggested and Recent Apps successful Dock.

How to usage the QuickType keyboard

The iPad keyboard makes it casual to get to the symbols and numbers you usage frequently. Swipe down rapidly connected the corresponding cardinal to get to your superior punctuation symbols and numbers. Secondary options are inactive accessible by tapping the symbols key.

How to resize and determination the iPad connected surface keyboard

In iPadOS, you tin pinch to shrink the keyboard and determination it wherever you similar connected your iPad's display. This not lone allows for one-handed typing, but you tin besides spot much of what is connected your iPad's show without the keyboard getting successful the way.

How to transcript and paste connected an iPad

To transcript and paste connected an iPad moving iPadOS, prime an representation oregon substance and pinch with 3 fingers to copy. To paste, pinch unfastened with 3 fingers.

How to scan a documents

Open up the Notes app > Tap connected the camera icon successful the apical close > Choose "Scan Documents" and drawback a representation of a document. You tin take to person it observe the papers automatically, oregon bash it manually. Once the representation is taken, the iPad tin past automatically realign it to marque it a flat, editable document.

How to instrumentality a screenshot on iPad oregon iPad Pro

To instrumentality a screenshot connected the iPad, property and rapidly merchandise the Home fastener and the Sleep/Wake button. You tin past pat connected the thumbnail to people up the screenshot oregon stock it. All screenshots volition look successful the Photos app.

For those with an iPad Pro (2018) oregon later, oregon the iPad Air (2020), property and rapidly merchandise the measurement up fastener and the Sleep/Wake button.

If you privation to people screen, pat connected the screenshot and past the rectangle with the arrow, followed by Print. You volition request to beryllium connected to a printer successful bid for this to work.

How to entree each your photos

If you crook connected iCloud Photos, immoderate photos you instrumentality oregon edit connected your iPad oregon different Apple device, volition beryllium accessible crossed each your devices. Open Settings > Tap connected your sanction astatine the apical > iCloud > Photos > Toggle connected iCloud Photos.

How to organise apps with folders

You tin make folders to assistance you organise your apps. To make a caller folder, interaction and clasp an app > Rearrange Apps > Drag 1 app connected apical of different and a folder volition beryllium created. You tin past rename the folder by tapping connected the header astatine the apical of the folder.

How to stock retention with your family

If you person respective household members each utilizing Apple devices, it's worthy mounting up Family Sharing truthful you tin stock iCloud retention and apps crossed devices. You tin read each astir Family Sharing successful our abstracted feature, but to get started, unfastened Settings > Tap connected your sanction > Set Up Family Sharing.

How to usage a rodent with an iPad

You'll request a Bluetooth rodent if you privation to link it to your iPad. Open Settings > Tap connected Bluetooth > Make definite your mouse's Bluetooth is turned connected > Select the rodent from the Other Devices conception > Follow the pairing instructions.

How to support an iPad surface on

By default, your iPad volition apt auto-lock aft 2 minutes, meaning the surface volition spell acheronian if you haven't utilized it for those 2 minutes. To support an iPad surface connected for longer: Open Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock > Choose betwixt 2 Minutes, 5 Minutes, 10 Minutes, 15 Minutes and Never.

How to setup Face ID for much than 1 idiosyncratic connected iPad Pro (2018) oregon later

The iPad Pro (2018) models and newer diagnostic Face ID meaning similar the latest iPhones, you tin unlock them with your face. Face ID allows up to 2 faces to beryllium stored to unlock the instrumentality without a passcode. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Set Up an Alternative Appearance.

How to adhd different fingerprint connected Touch ID iPads

If you person a Touch ID iPad model, you tin adhd up to 5 fingerprints truthful either antithetic fingers oregon antithetic radical tin usage Touch ID to unlock your iPad without having to participate the passcode.

Open Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Type successful your passcode (if requested) > Add a Fingerprint.

How to usage Memoji and Animoji successful iMessage

Go to Messages > Compose a connection to a person > Tap connected the Memoji icon > Tap a sticker > Drag it into the conversation.

How to reply to a circumstantial message

To reply straight to an earlier connection successful iMessage: Open Messages > Open the chat > Double-tap the connection bubble > Tap reply.

How to usage Memoji and Animoji successful FaceTime

For iPad Pro (2018) models and newer, you tin usage Memoji and Animoji successful a FaceTime call. Make the FaceTime telephone to the idiosyncratic you privation to speech to archetypal and past erstwhile you're successful the telephone property the prima icon to uncover the Animoji and Memoji characters. You tin past transportation connected the speech oregon alteration characters astatine the property of a button.

How to acceptable the clip connected iPad

Your iPad should automatically show the close clip but if you privation to alteration the clip oregon acceptable the timepiece connected your iPad to a 12-hour oregon 24-hour clock, oregon alteration the clip zone: Open Settings > General > Date & Time.

From here, if you crook disconnected the Set Automatically toggle, you tin alteration the time. You tin besides toggle 24-hour Time connected oregon off, take the Time Zone and take whether you privation the day to amusement successful the presumption barroom connected the Home screen.

How to wide your hunt past connected iPad

Open Settings > Scroll down to Safari > Scroll down to Clear History and Website Data > Clear.

How to acceptable homepage connected iPad

If you privation to alteration the homepage connected Safari - acceptable it to Google for illustration - past you'll request to unfastened Safari connected your iPad > Go to the leafage you privation to acceptable arsenic your homepage > Tap the rectangle with the arrow successful the apical close of your surface > Add to Homescreen > Rename the leafage if you privation to > Tap Add successful the apical right. 

How to alteration what you tin entree erstwhile an iPad is locked

Open Settings > Touch ID & Passcode / Face ID & Passcode > Scroll down to "Allow Access When Locked" section. Toggle connected oregon disconnected what you privation to beryllium capable to entree erstwhile your iPad is locked.


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Apple iPad Battery tips and tricks

How to archer if your iPad is charging

If your iPad is charging, determination volition beryllium a lightning bolt awesome adjacent to the artillery icon successful the apical close of your iPad's display. If your iPad is locked, a ample artillery icon volition look successful the mediate of the iPad's Lock screen.

How to marque your iPad complaint faster

To complaint your iPad faster, you could effort placing your iPad into Airplane mode. To bash this, swipe down from the apical close country of the iPad's Home surface and pat the Airplane. 

The champion mode to apical up your iPad's artillery faster however, is to bargain Apple's 30W USB-C charger and a USB-C to Lightning cablegram oregon a USB-C to USB-C cable, depending connected the iPad exemplary you have. If you person a MacBook, you mightiness lone request to bargain the cablegram arsenic newer MacBook's travel with a accelerated charger successful the box.

How to spot your iPad's artillery usage

Open Settings > Battery. From here, you'll beryllium capable to spot the past 10 days of use, oregon the past 24-hours, depending connected the tab you select. Below each tab volition beryllium a graph and a database of apps showing artillery usage by app.

How to crook artillery percent connected oregon disconnected successful the presumption bar

Open Settings > Battery > Toggle Battery Percentage connected oregon off.


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Apple Pencil tips

How to link Apple Pencil to iPad

To link Apple Pencil to iPad, plug it into the Lightning larboard astatine the bottommost of your iPad. You'll past request to corroborate pairing and your iPad and the App Pencil volition beryllium connected and acceptable to use.

How to entree Notes from Lock Screen with Apple Pencil 

If you person an Apple Pencil and an iPad that supports it: Wake the surface > treble pat connected the Lock Screen with the extremity of the Apple Pencil and you'll beryllium capable to unfastened Notes and commencement creating a caller note. This works adjacent if the surface is locked. 

To marque definite this diagnostic is turned on: Open Settings > Notes > Set what you privation the "Access Notes from Lock Screen" diagnostic to do. You tin person it ever make a caller enactment oregon resume the past enactment created connected the Lock Screen.

How to instrumentality a Quick Note

If your iPad is moving iPadOS 15 oregon later, past you tin swipe from the bottommost country with your digit oregon the Apple Pencil to instrumentality a Quick Note. This mightiness beryllium a speedy buying list, oregon penning down a telephone fig for example.

How to gully cleanable shapes with Apple Pencil

For iPads moving iOS 14 oregon later, if you gully shapes with the Apple Pencil and intermission astatine the extremity of the drawing, the cleanable signifier volition drawback into place.

Draw a star, heart, circle, quadrate oregon different signifier and past clasp the Pencil astatine the extremity of the signifier until the cleanable signifier snaps into place.

How to constitute a handwritten note 

In the Notes app, usage your Apple Pencil to commencement penning a handwritten note. You tin power betwixt handwritten and typed notes wrong the aforesaid note. 

How to hunt handwritten notes

You'll find the Search tract successful the broadside paper of Notes astatine the apical of your notes. You tin usage it to hunt handwritten notes arsenic good arsenic the typed ones. If your handwriting is wide enough, Notes understands what you're writing. 

How to markup images/PDFs

With your Apple Pencil, you tin rapidly motion documents, annotate PDFs oregon web pages conscionable by placing the Apple Pencil extremity connected the screen. 

How to alteration the Apple Pencil double-tap shortcut

If you are utilizing the Apple Pencil (2nd gen) with the iPad Pro (2018) models oregon newer, you tin alteration what the treble pat diagnostic does.

Go to Settings > Apple Pencil. Here you tin opt to person it power betwixt the existent instrumentality and the eraser, the existent instrumentality and past used, oregon amusement colour palette. You tin besides opt to crook the diagnostic disconnected completely. This diagnostic isn't disposable connected the archetypal procreation Apple Pencil.


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Apple iPad Smart Keyboard tips

With an Apple iPad Smart Keyboard, you tin property and clasp the "CMD" cardinal to uncover each of your disposable keyboard shortcuts. In astir instances, these lucifer the ones you mightiness beryllium utilized to utilizing connected a Mac if you person one.

Keyboard shortcuts

Cmd + N: Opens a caller window, which is useful for split-view successful Safari.

Cmd + H: Takes you to the location screen.

Cmd + Space Bar: Takes you consecutive to search.

Cmd + Tab: Lets you scrolls though unfastened apps.

Hold Cmd: Reveals successful app shortcuts.

Cmd + Shift + 3: Takes a screenshot of the full screen.

Cmd + Shift + 4: Takes a screenshot and past automatically opens it successful people up mode.

How to Unlock your iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard

If you're utilizing an iPad Pro (2018) exemplary oregon aboriginal with Face ID you tin simply pat connected the spacebar and the iPad opens. Just marque definite you're looking astatine the Face ID camera erstwhile you do.

Writing by Stuart Miles and Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 21 September 2017.

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