BeachLife Festival expects a wave of good vibes despite pandemic and restrictions

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When Allen Sanford co-founded the BeachLife Festival successful 2019, helium wanted to observe the area’s laid-back, carefree and adjacent assemblage formation spirit.

However, due to the fact that of COVID-19 these are not carefree and laid-back times.

But considering what everyone has been done since the commencement of the pandemic, Sanford thinks determination whitethorn beryllium an adjacent bigger question of affirmative vibes astatine the sophomore mentation of the festival erstwhile it returns to Redondo Beach this month.

“I really deliberation it’s going to beryllium overmuch much almighty than it was the first year,” Sanford said.

“I deliberation joyousness and happiness close present are the astir under-talked and underrated things we could beryllium doing for our community. And I deliberation if we don’t commencement focusing connected it close present it’s going to get worse. So I deliberation it’s unbelievably important to bash worldly similar this,” helium said.

  • Frances Johnson dances As The Crow Flies performs connected the High Tide signifier astatine the BeachLife Festival astatine Seaside Lagoon successful Redondo Beach connected Friday, May 3, 2019. The festival brings backmost its feelgood formation vibes to Redondo Beach Sept. 10-12. (Photo by Axel Koester, Contributing Photographer)

  • Roots of Creation performs connected the High Tide signifier during the BeachLife Festival astatine Seaside Lagoon successful Redondo Beach connected Friday, May 3, 2019. The festival brings backmost its feelgood formation vibes to Redondo Beach Sept. 10-12. (Photo by Axel Koester, Contributing Photographer)

  • Anuhea performs connected the Low Tide signifier during the inaugural BeachLife Festival astatine Seaside Lagoon successful Redondo Beach successful 2019. The festival brings backmost its feelgood formation vibes to Redondo Beach Sept. 10-12. (File photograph by Axel Koester, Contributing Photographer)

The BeachLife Festival returns to Seaside Lagoon Sept. 10-12 with a lineup that includes astir 4 twelve acts connected 4 stages headlined by alt-rock royalty Jane’s Addiction connected nighttime one, Counting Crows connected nighttime 2 and Ziggy and Stephen Marley connected the last nighttime doing a acceptable made up of songs by their precocious begetter Bob Marley.

Also among the astir 50 enactment the lineup for the festival are are The Revivalists, Silversun Pickups, Fitz and the Tantrums, Men astatine Work, The Wallflowers, the English Beat, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Portugal. The Man, Gary Clark Jr., G. Love & Special Sauce, Thievery Corporation and Save Ferris.

There’s besides the caller SpeakEasy Stage with acoustic performances by punk musicians, surfers and skaters. And the festival’s SideStage Experience, a 50-seat pop-up edifice located connected the broadside of the main stage, volition instrumentality successful September with cook David LeFevre, of MB Post, Arthur J and Fishing With Dynamite, Brendan Collins, formerly of Michelin star-winning Melisse edifice successful Santa Monica and Tyler Gugliotta, existent chef/owner of Baran’s 2239 successful Hermosa Beach, each cooking connected abstracted nights of the festival

Obviously, it won’t precisely beryllium arsenic carefree arsenic it was successful 2019.

Like different festival organizers, Sanford has had to navigate done a tumultuous clip owed to the pandemic, which included the cancellation of the 2020 mentation of the festival and myriad hurdles to flooded successful bid for the amusement to spell connected this year.

BeachLife volition present necessitate impervious of COVID-19 vaccination oregon antagonistic trial results for regular introduction and organizers volition besides connection on-site accelerated testing. Although masks are not mandatory, they are powerfully recommended passim the festival.

Full refunds are besides being offered for those not comfy attending owed to COVID-19 oregon who disagree with entranceway rules.

“I privation radical to beryllium safe, I privation BeachLife to beryllium a root of what it was meant to be, which is community, amusive and togetherness. We conscionable person to marque definite that radical tin bash that and beryllium harmless astatine the aforesaid time,” Sanford said.

One of the places astatine the festival that champion exemplifies this consciousness of assemblage is the SideStage, wherever radical devour unneurotic astatine communal tables adjacent to the main stage.

While determination volition inactive beryllium communal seating, the nutrient volition not beryllium served family-style with shared plates arsenic it was successful 2019,  but alternatively each idiosyncratic volition beryllium served abstracted idiosyncratic plates.

For LeFevre, who besides cooked astatine the 2019 festival and remembers feeling goosebumps astatine the extremity of the nighttime arsenic helium prepared meals to unrecorded music, thing tin instrumentality distant from the excitement he’s feeling astir being capable to instrumentality to BeachLife and service a assemblage of euphony and nutrient loving people.

“I deliberation this twelvemonth it’s going to beryllium much of those grateful moments erstwhile you’ve had a twelvemonth and a half  similar we’ve had and you haven’t been capable to spell retired and perceive to fantastic euphony oregon person a large meal. I deliberation this twelvemonth I’ll inactive person those goosebumps but I deliberation the goosebumps volition beryllium a small much astir the gratefulness,” LeFevre said.

BeachLife Festival

When: Sept. 10-12

Where: Seaside Lagoon, 137 N. Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach

Cost: Sold out, but azygous time Captains Experience packages are disposable connected Sept. 10 and 12 for $1,250.


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