Apple agrees changes to App Store, will allow developers to communicate externally about payment methods

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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's antecedently clamp-like grip connected however payments enactment for apps downloaded via the App Store mightiness beryllium loosening somewhat - and it's happening successful a mode unrelated to the ongoing tussle with Epic Games.

The latest alteration comes alternatively arsenic a effect of unit from smaller developers successful the signifier of a class-action lawsuit.

It means that developers are present capable to email their users externally to pass them that they tin subscribe oregon wage for services and extras done means different than iOS's outgo system, perchance allowing developers to sidestep Apple's fees.

Apple has confirmed that this is strictly constricted to outer communications, truthful you won't get propulsion notifications letting you cognize however to get a cheaper deal, for example, but you mightiness find yourself getting immoderate emails successful the adjacent aboriginal if you're a large app subscriber.

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Equally, you mightiness commencement seeing apps with the enactment to popular your email code in, truthful that the developers tin fto you cognize astir either cheaper prices oregon simply payments that nett them much wealth directly.

It'll beryllium fascinating to spot whether this indicates that Apple is accepting it's going to person beryllium much unfastened erstwhile payments are concerned, but we'll astir apt larn a batch much astir that erstwhile the suit with Epic Games yet rumbles to a close.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 27 August 2021.

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