Ann Coulter Praises Biden For Having The “Balls” To Get Out Of Afghanistan

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Conservative Ann Coulter praised President Biden for having the “balls” to get retired of Afghanistan portion calling Trump a wuss.

Coulter tweeted:

Trump REPEATEDLY demanded that we bring our soldiers home, but lone President Biden had the balls to bash it. Here are a fewer of Trump's wuss, B.S. - I mean "masterful" - tweets:


Democrats and liberals person precise small to hold with Coulter on, but she saw done Donald Trump a fewer years ago, and she is close astir Biden and Afghanistan. Biden has been getting praise successful immoderate blimpish circles for having the guts to bash what 3 erstwhile presidents didn’t.

President Biden is taking the governmental deed for getting retired of Afghanistan truthful that different American unit volition not person to marque the eventual sacrifice. Biden is besides ensuring that nary aboriginal president volition person to woody with the Afghanistan problem.

Ann Coulter was right. Donald Trump talked a large crippled astir everything, but helium was each talk. When it came clip to marque immoderate determination that could politically outgo him, helium ran distant oregon recovered idiosyncratic other to blame.

President Biden has been consecutive and honorable with the American people, and helium has shown an immense magnitude of courage. 

Joe Biden isn’t acrophobic to beryllium successful the large seat and marque the hard decisions, and adjacent idiosyncratic similar Ann Coulter is showing respect for his guts.

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