Angels rookie Brandon Marsh emerging from early slump

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Although Brandon Marsh’s bat was conscionable arsenic quiet arsenic the remainder of his Angels teammates successful a forgettable bid against the Cleveland Indians implicit the weekend, earlier that the rookie halfway fielder had been showing signs of progress.

Even including a 1-for-8 show against the Indians, Marsh inactive had 14 hits successful 39 at-bats (.359) starring into this week’s bid successful Baltimore.

The blistery agelong raised his batting mean from .155 to .227, and his OPS from .471 to .636.

“I’ve conscionable seen an wide amended approach,” Manager Joe Maddon said earlier the Angels played successful Baltimore connected Tuesday. “I deliberation I’ve seen amended decision-making due to the fact that helium is simply a bully decision-maker. And I deliberation that’s the 1 happening that possibly arsenic helium came up successful the insignificant leagues got a small spot disconnected track, but I deliberation he’s getting backmost connected track. So I bash judge you’re going to proceed to spot that.”

Marsh, 23, is conscionable a period into his large league career, having been promoted to the large leagues aft a little blistery streak astatine Triple-A. Marsh had ne'er played Triple-A earlier this season, and helium had not played immoderate authoritative games successful 2020, due to the fact that the pandemic wiped retired the insignificant league season. Marsh had besides missed overmuch of the commencement of the 2021 play due to the fact that of enarthrosis trouble.

The Angels stuck with him arsenic their superior halfway fielder, contempt the violative struggles for the archetypal fewer weeks.

Even though he’s deed amended lately, he’s inactive been striking retired astatine an alarming clip. Marsh has 50 strikeouts successful 110 at-bats, including astatine slightest 1 successful each of his past 10 games.


Maddon said Mike Trout is continuing to improve, but they don’t person a timetable for him to instrumentality to action. Trout has been retired since mid-May with a strained calf, but he said past week it was torn, which has caused him to instrumentality longer than expected to travel back.

The three-time American League MVP has been doing immoderate on-field workouts for the past week.

“He’s really coming done these workouts a small spot better, but he’s inactive not ready,” Maddon said.

Maddon added that caput diversion trainer Adam Nevala has been encouraged with what Trout has done.

“Adam likes his enactment a lot, and I deliberation Mike does too,” Maddon said. “It’s conscionable that helium conscionable can’t get implicit that threshold. They conscionable can’t get to the constituent wherever he’s not feeling anything, but he’s feeling better.

“I saw him successful the grooming country earlier. He’s undergoing a batch of treatment. He’s been doing much question connected the field. It’s each there. We’re each looking guardant to it, but it’s conscionable not acceptable to springiness a last timeline.”


Outfielder Justin Upton was not successful the lineup due to the fact that of a nagging calf issue. Maddon said Upton had been “playing done it, but contiguous it was not feeling arsenic comfortable.” Maddon said helium primitively had Upton successful the lineup but opted to springiness his calf immoderate remainder and commencement Juan Lagares instead. …

Maddon could not springiness immoderate details arsenic to wherefore rookie reliever José Marte is connected the injured list. Since the commencement of 2020, erstwhile a subordinate is connected the injured database without a carnal wounded disclosed, it mostly means he’s connected the COVID-related list. A subordinate could beryllium connected that database without investigating affirmative if helium simply had a adjacent interaction trial positive, for example. …

Right-hander Jaime Barria volition commencement for the Angels connected Thursday. They had not listed a starter, due to the fact that they person immoderate rotation question marks since left-hander Patrick Sandoval was placed connected the injured list. …

Maddon said helium had nary further update connected Sandoval. He is retired with a near lumbar spine accent reaction, but the Angels presently aren’t definite if it’s superior capable to support him retired for the remainder of the season.


Angels (RHP Shohei Ohtani, 8-1, 2.79 ERA) astatine Orioles (TBD), Wednesday, 4:10 p.m., Bally Sports West, 830 AM

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