'Absolutely ridiculous' cheating claims batted away

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World No.3 Stefanos Tsitsipas has been forced to support his behaviour successful the opening circular of the US Open, saying helium didn't interruption immoderate rules successful his triumph implicit Andy Murray.

Murray, a three-time expansive slam champion, said helium had "lost respect" for Tsitsipas, who took bath breaks and aesculapian time-outs seemingly astatine times during the lucifer that worked to his advantage.

While the Scotsman stopped abbreviated of accusing Tsitsipas of cheating, helium said it "can't beryllium a co-incidence" that the breaks were taken astatine times wherever the momentum was with Murray.

Stefanos Tsitsipas is done to the 2nd circular astatine the US Open. (Getty)

"I complaint him a lot," Murray said aft the match. "I deliberation he's a superb player. I deliberation he's large for the game. But I person zero clip for that worldly astatine all, and I mislaid respect for him."

Asked astir Murray's comments, Tsitsipas, who won successful 5 sets, took purpose astatine the 2012 champion for not speaking to him directly.

"If there's thing that helium has to archer me, we should talk the 2 of america to benignant of recognize what went wrong," helium said.

"I don't deliberation I broke immoderate rules. I played by the guidelines, however everything is. Yeah, decidedly thing for some of america to benignant of chat astir and marque sure. I don't cognize however my hostile feels erstwhile I'm retired determination playing the match. It's not truly my priority.

Andy Murray shows his vexation during his nonaccomplishment to Stefanos Tsitsipas. (Getty)

"As acold arsenic I'm playing by the rules and sticking to what the ATP says is fair, past the remainder is fine. I person thing against him. Absolutely nothing."

Murray was particularly upset that a toilet interruption took 8 minutes, remonstrating connected tribunal with supervisor Gerry Armstrong, and aboriginal urging the athletics to hole the problem.

But Tsitsipas says determination was a elemental explanation.

"Well, I deliberation it's wide that I took my apparel with maine erstwhile I near the court," helium said.

"That's the magnitude of clip it takes for maine to alteration my apparel and to locomotion backmost to the tribunal takes a small spot of time.

"I don't cognize what's the regularisation regarding that, if determination is one. But arsenic acold arsenic I cognize you're allowed to person 2 toilet breaks to spell alteration your apparel successful a five-setter, and 1 successful a three-setter. I followed that passim my full career. I've ne'er breached immoderate rules, truthful I spot nary crushed that that's a occupation anyways."

Andy Murray argues with supervisor Gerry Armstrong during his lucifer against Stefanos Tsitsipas. (Getty)

Tsitsipas was besides questioned astir allegations that helium received coaching from his begetter Apostolos during past week's tourney successful Cincinnati.

At that tourney helium took his full container with him for different lengthy bath break, and portion helium was gone Apostolos was seen texting, starring galore to reason helium was coaching Stefanos, a assertion the satellite No.3 denies.

"I person ne'er successful my vocation done that. I don't cognize what benignant of imaginativeness it takes to spell to that point," helium said.

"That's not thing I privation to instrumentality earnestly due to the fact that it's perfectly ridiculous to beryllium reasoning astir that. Anyway, that's it."

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