5 terrifying books Stephen Graham Jones recommends for Halloween reading

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Author Stephen Graham Jones loves a good, scary read. When he’s not terrifying the masses with his ain works similar “The Only Good Indians,” “Mapping the Interior” oregon his latest, “My Heart is simply a Chainsaw,” he’s enjoying thing sinister.

During a caller interview, Jones revealed helium was astir to dive into S.A. Crosby’s latest, “Razorblade Tears” aft having already devoured the author’s erstwhile novel, “Blacktop Wasteland.” He besides revealed that Jack Ketchum’s “The Girl Next Door” is the scariest happening helium has ever read.

“A fearfulness publication reviewer I knew called maine and said, ‘Hey, tin I message you this book?’” Jones recalled. “My reply to that is always, ‘Yes.’ She said, ‘Good, due to the fact that I can’t person this successful my location anymore; it’s excessively evil.’ And she was right. That publication crawls wrong your caput and lays eggs. Since she gave it to me, I’ve work it 13 times to fig retired however it does what it does and I haven’t figured retired what Jack Ketchum did successful that book, but it’s an astonishing caller and truly disturbing. It’s not supernatural, determination are nary werewolves … it’s conscionable radical being radical and it’s terrifying.”

  • Author Stephen Graham Jones said Jack Ketchum’s “The Girl Next Door” tops his database of the scariest books he’s ever read. (Image courtesy of Warner Books)

  • Author Stephen Graham Jones lists Ray Bradbury’s “The Illustrated Man” arsenic 1 of his Top 5 scary reads. (Image courtesy of Doubleday)

  • Author Stephen Graham Jones lists Stephen King’s “It” arsenic 1 of his Top 5 scary reads. (Image courtesy of Viking Press)

  • Author Stephen Graham Jones lists Gemma Files’ “Experimental Film” arsenic 1 of this Top 5 scary reads. (Image courtesy of ChiZine Publications)

  • Author Stephen Graham Jones lists Sara Gran’s “Come Closer” arsenic 1 of his Top 5 scary reads. (Image courtesy of Soho Press, Inc.)

Here are 4 different reads that Jones recommends if you’re looking for a bully fright:

“The Illustrated Man” by Ray Bradbury

Jones said that from this collection, the communicative “The Veldt” gets him each time. “There are doors amended near closed,” helium said. “Because they’re hungry.”

“It” by Stephen King

“Sewer drains aren’t conscionable wherever the h2o goes erstwhile it rains,” helium said. “Little boats spell there, too. And we’re each aboard.”

“Experimental Film” by Gemma Files

“There’s fearfulness successful the media we consume, and it tin devour us,” helium added.

“Come Closer” by Sara Gran

“Demons are real,” helium insists. “Take the trial to spot if you’ve got one.”

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