12 more Long Beach residents have died with COVID-19 in the last week

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Long Beach officials person identified much than 1,100 caller coronavirus cases among residents successful the past week, continuing a caller inclination of expanding COVID-19 metrics.

There person been 60,683 cases reported successful Long Beach since the pandemic began, arsenic of Thursday, Aug. 26, up from 59,520 past week.

The fig of caller cases recovered each time has remained successful the high-double oregon triple digits for weeks; for astir of June, by contrast, less than 20 cases were being identified successful the metropolis each day.

Long Beach’s cardinal 90806 ZIP code, which includes the Wrigley neighborhood, appears to person fared worst implicit the past week; the seven-day mean lawsuit complaint for the country was 39.8 per 100,000 radical arsenic of Thursday. The country that fared champion is the Westside’s 90810 neighborhood, which had a seven-day mean lawsuit complaint of 13 per 100,000 people.

The fig of radical being hospitalized for the coronavirus locally, meanwhile, could beryllium dropping. On Thursday, determination were 121 radical being treated for COVID-19 successful section hospitals, down from 138 the week prior. Those numbers, though, inactive stay acold higher than the single-digit counts Long Beach saw earlier successful the outpouring and summer.

While increases successful hospitalizations person tended to lag a fewer weeks down surges successful caller cases, deaths, successful turn, thin to lag down hospitalizations — and that fig continues growing.

There were aggregate weeks successful the outpouring and earlier successful the summertime erstwhile nary coronavirus deaths were reported. But successful the past week, 12 much Long Beach residents person died with the virus, bringing the decease toll to 975.

The fig of radical being vaccinated, though, has besides continued increasing — albeit slowly. As of Thursday, 76% of eligible adults had been inoculated, up from 75% past week.

Younger radical successful peculiar inactive way acold down folks ages 35 and up successful their vaccination rates, but the spread is dilatory shrinking. Last week, astir 55% of those 12 to 17 years aged had been inoculated and that stock grew to 59% this week. And portion astir 58% of radical ages 18 to 34 had been vaccinated arsenic of past week, that percent grew to 59% this week. Every different property radical has a vaccination complaint of astir 76% oregon higher — including much than 99% of seniors ages 65 and up.

City and region officials are considering vaccine mandates to participate definite businesses, which could interaction those numbers successful the weeks ahead.

During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Mayor Robert Garcia said it was imaginable LA County and Long Beach could marque a determination connected that beforehand wrong the adjacent week.

“I judge this strongly; not everybody does, but the nationalist bully ever trumps idiosyncratic liberty,” Garcia said astatine the time, “and the greater nationalist bully successful nationalist wellness has to beryllium considered, archetypal and foremost, greater than a person’s idiosyncratic content astir their ain idiosyncratic liberty successful that moment.”

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