1/6 Committee May Refer Trump For Prosecution On Dereliction Of Duty Charge

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1/6 Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) said that the committee is investigating Trump and could criminally notation him for dereliction of duty.

The Washington Post reported:

He said the president’s delayed effect to the Capitol onslaught could beryllium a origin successful deciding whether to marque a transgression referral, which is erstwhile Congress informs the Justice Department it believes a transgression has been committed. It would beryllium up to national prosecutors to determine whether to prosecute a charge.

“That dereliction of work causes america existent concern,” Thompson said. “And 1 of those concerns is that whether oregon not it was intentional, and whether oregon not that deficiency of attraction for that longer play of time, would warrant a referral.”

The unit connected the Justice Department to prosecute Trump would beryllium enormous. The crushed wherefore the committee is digging truthful profoundly into what Trump was doing portion the Capitol was nether onslaught is that they are trying to fig retired if a transgression was committed.

A transgression referral of Trump to the DOJ would crook American authorities connected its ear. The committee wants to speech to the radical who Trump was successful interaction with due to the fact that they are trying to find the information down his inaction.

It would beryllium a acquisition to ideology if Donald Trump was referred for transgression prosecution.

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